Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year, A New Mission

Welcome to 2009.

The past year has been difficult for many of us, but a new year (while admittedly an imaginary demarkation) promises a fresh start. I'm taking that as my theme today and each day for the foreseeable future, by breathing fresh life into this old blog.

If you check previous entries, you'll see that this blog has been many things, mostly random. This year, it will be updated daily with all kinds of fresh content.

You see, I make my living on the Web, as the online content editor for The News Herald in Panama City, FL, where I also write a weekly column for the Lifestyle section and blog regularly. I also have an ongoing daily fiction project called 366 Days, at the PCityLive site, which I've been doing for just over five months.

This blog will carry those updates, as well as a couple of fresh features, such as journal entries, updates on how I spend my time (books, music, movies, TV, art and other distractions), a word of the day (see below), ruminations on the life of a professional writer, updates on my current publication projects (see this link to see what has gone before) and much more.

I hope you'll join in by sharing your thoughts, reactions, and favorite distractions as well.

Today's Word: Peace.

Today's Pick: One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was Tori Amos Comicbook Tattoo, a collection of leading and independent writers and artists who created short tales inspired by Amos' songs. My friend, Chris Arrant, wrote a tale inspired by "Glory of the 80s," which was illustrated by the talented Star St. Germain. The introduction is by Neil Gaiman.

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