Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Finally, we have a president who will protect us from the looming zombie apocalypse!

(Below is an Associated Press photo of the Obamanator in a pack of brain-hungry fiends. Just look at them reaching for him. I thought for sure that one woman was about to bite him, but thank goodness he was able to reach his laser samurai sword and clear enough room to jetpack out of there!)

Todays' Pick: World War Z, which, despite having been written by Mel Brooks' son, is not the least bit funny. After reading it, I was in a psychotic state for several weeks, seeing zombies everywhere, and making plans for my family's survival. I'm only half kidding. You really must read this book if you like scary stories and verisimilitude -- and being prepared.

Today's Word: Augur. As in "In-augur-ation."


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